3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

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3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

Have you been struggling with getting things right in life? Well, it’s all normal to be confused about life at some point in time. Nevertheless, this post will reveal to you 3 deal of truth no one has told you but has changed my life for good and can do you same too.

  1. Attaining Success

3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

Take a deep breath and enjoy this ride.

It’s obvious that every sane mind yells for success, including you. Yes, you want to have a successful career, you want to be successful in business, relationships, marriage and all other aspect of life.

How do you measure success? How do you think success is achieved?

Permit me to walk you through testimonial/words from Darren Hardy.

So what is the root control factor?

If we were to boil everything down to the most core controlling factor to all the result in your life, what is it come down to?

There’s only one thing that will determine whether at the end of a life you end up living here or whether you end up living there.

There’s only one thing!

One thing that determines whether you end up driving this or whether you end up driving that.

Your whole life comes down to one thing! What’s that one thing?

It all comes down to choices!

Your whole life is nothing but the accumulated compound effect of the choices you’ve made up to this moment!

Right now, your waistline is nothing but the accumulated compound effect of the choices you made up to the moment.

The size of your business, your bank account, the intimacy of the relationships in your life are all just an outcome of the compound of choices you’ve made up to this point.

Success is not a result of some Heroic feats!

Nobody you see on the cover of success magazine did anything Heroic.

It’s not because of some grand act of bravery. Success is a result of small, seemingly insignificant moment-to-moment choices.

The only thing that separates them from you is that accumulated compound effect of those little choices that created dramatic difference in result.

These small choices add up to big gargantuan difference in results.

Compound choices are the 8th wonder of the success world.

3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

Stop looking for the quick fix for success, happiness and wealth.

There’s no short cut! There are no cliffs notes! There’s no quick fix!

You’re going to walk through a mind field day in and day out of hard freaking work, because success is earned one day at a time.

Every day you lift your head up off the pillow, you’re going to decide whether that day you’re a success or whether you’re a failure.

You’re either moving forward or you’re falling behind.

One step at a time!

Every step you take away from the bed, as you walk through your day, you’re either going in the direction of success or you’re going in the direction of failure.

It’s one decision at a time.

At the moment that you’re making a choice, the consequences, the outcomes, the results are invisible.

It doesn’t look like it’s having any impact whatsoever, so you can get faked out!

You see, every single one of these choices has what you also call “A Butterfly Effect”.

One little, itty, bitty choice over here, 10, 15 years later and there’s a tsunami in your life, either positive or negative.

The first thing you need to do is to just have patience!

Even though you don’t see the results in the moment, you have to know that the compound effect has been ignited.

And every choice you make ignites it and fuels it and it will stretch itself out over 10, 15, or 20 years before it reveals its results to you.

We’re constantly bombarded with an ever increasingly, sensational marketing gimmickry with claims about how you can get rich, get fit, get younger, get sexier all over night with very little effort for only three easy payments of 39 or 95.

And these commercial, marketing gimmicks are taking people who really want to learn, ‘I want to provide more for my family! I want to send my children to the great university!’

They pursue these answers and are constantly derailed and distracted.

And here’s the reality;

There’s no silver bullet, there’s no magic pill and for God sake people, there’s no freaking secret.

The truth about the process of earning; not wining, not arriving but earning success, that process is in itself very mundane.

The process is frustrating and sometimes it’s even gut stomping, heart crushingly defeating.

But that doesn’t make for interesting books or exciting infomercials or riveting movies!

So instead, we’re paraded around with all these other visions of what it takes to be successful. But those are just shining objects and not the truth and in the end, you can never own success.

Don’t stagnate too long in your victory because you can never own success, you can only rent it and the rent is due every single day. It’s not what you know that determines the results in your life.

See, that’s a myth.

Knowledge is not power, it is the potential of power, but it’s not power in and of itself.

Power is only created in what you do with what you know.

There’re a lot of really smart people who’re geniuses, who are broke because knowledge isn’t something you can take to the bank. It’s only action that produces results.

44% of doctors who tell you how poor eating and lack of exercising will kill you, and these people, 44% of them are overweight.

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

In life, you will suffer one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.


The pain of discipline weighs ounces! Picking up the phone, going to the meetings, saying you’re sorry. But the pain of regret weights tons; bankruptcy, divorce, heartache, loneliness.



So as you’re out there, making your choices, ask yourself; pain of discipline or pain of regret?

Additional Lesson

  • Our every second counts in our journey towards success.
  • Never skip your growth stage. Growth is a gradual process.
  • Always stay focus.


  1. Education

Education is not only restricted to what is taught within the walls of your schools.

It’s far beyond that.

Education has to do with acquiring knowledge one lacks for self development. Yes, it also requires actions to yield results, incorporating the necessity of a coach, mentor and an instructor/educator.

With these three, one swims in the pool of knowledge.

3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

Also permit me to walk you through testimonial/words with a little story from Robert Kiyosaki.

I realized as I started education, I came across the word genius. And I also realized that every one of us was s genius except in schools.

There’re certain people in schools considered as genius.

I got a class mate back then who was considered as a genius in school. This guy could do quantum physic and all that as a young kid, but he couldn’t tie his shoe laces.

Do you know someone like that?

They were geniuses in school but in the real world, they’re incompetent.

This guy didn’t know his left hand from his right hand. I was always wondering how he can be a genius but don’t know how to play base ball other kids were familiar with.

So I started to realize that genius, every one of us had it and what genius stands for, is Genii-in-us. Genii which means magic.

So Genius simply means the magic in us.

God created every animal on earth to have their spaces and their special advantage. The birds can fly, cheetah runs fast and the list goes on.

So if animals have their special advantages, so those each one of us.

Tiger Woods is a genius in the environment called golf court. He would not be a genius as a footballer.

Have the courage to find that environment like Tiger Woods on the golf court. Find that spot where your genius comes out. That’s what intelligence is.

I didn’t find what I was good at, until I had the courage to find the environment where my genius came out. And I ask you to do that too.

Intelligence is, don’t do as you are told, go where you know your genius can come out.  It’s not easy.

Tiger Woods had to practice like a wide man to get his genius come out.

Every child is born with a genius. Have the courage to find that environment where you would work the magic map and your genius comes out. The most important thing is do what you know God gave you the best use for.


The Short Story

My last pay check, I still remember it clearly.

It was one of the worst and the best days of my life. And I was in Puerto Rico. I was working for Xerox. My boss gave me my last, it wasn’t a pay check. It was a bonus check.

I think it was about thirty thousand bucks taxable (the only problem).

So I got this check and I went ‘holy mackerel’. I was excited but also disturbed.

And so this other guy comes up to me, his name was John. And John says to me, you’re going to be back.

I said why.

He says because you’re going to fail.

I looked at him and said few expletive words, because that’s what he did. He left Xerox, failed and he came back.

I said…

You failed and you came back, but I’m going to fail and I’m never coming back.

And that’s the attitude.

If you say, if I fail I’m going to go back to mommy and daddy, then that’s what you will do.

So if you fail, that’s when I became an entrepreneur because I had no money. I had no money for years.

I didn’t have a pay check.

When you don’t have this pay check, you get hungrier, smarter and it’s a test of your character.

Will you become a crook, will you become dishonest, will you cheat and steal or will you become a better human being.

So that’s the benefit of becoming an entrepreneur, you really find out who you’re when you don’t have anything.


Additional lessons

  • You’re unique and a genius, so go make things happen by finding the environment to bring out the genius in you.
  • Never let negative thoughts of others towards you get into your mind.
  • Always be positive and ready to make a change.
  • Believe in yourself.


  1. Action

People that get things done and make things happen don’t just stop at listening to failures or success stories of others. They take action.

3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

Not only do they take action, they do as they are told to.

A right action is what distinguishes success from failure.

Permit me lastly to take you through testimonial/words from my mentor Dan Lok

How does this relate to you?

Every one ask, how did he get so rich, how are you successful. How did you get to where you are today.

He always says;

  • First, you have to develop a high-income skill.
  • Create a scalable business.
  • Focus on return on investment.

That actually is the wealth triangle.

Every one listens to this and they’re like, ‘oh that’s not a new concept’ but they never follow it.

They always jump around between scalable businesses without focusing on the high-income skill.

Sometimes the secret to success is a lot simpler than you think.

3 Damn Truths That Changed My Life For Good And Can Do You Same!

If this post was helpful to you, please do well to let me know by leaving a comment or a testimonial. It would be gladly appreciated.

If also you feel this post wasn’t good enough, let’s hear from you on why you think so. Your voice has a way of making us serve better, as we all learn from mistakes.

Do well to share the link to this post with friends if you feel it can have a positive touch on their life.

Love you…stay glued to Militime.






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  1. Nice piece! Our choices determine the direction of our lives; our choices affects almost everything, from wellbeing, to satisfaction etc. Actions are equally as important. Thank you for the piece!

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