Giving Love in The Time of Chaos

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The global fight to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus spread is taking time to yield any positive result.
With more people getting infected at an alarming rate, the government of virtually every nation was left with the only option of enforcing an indefinite lockdown and a no-movement policy kicked in.

This lockdown caught a lot of people by surprise and therefore is going to have grievous effects. For example, some people, even if they have the money, may not be able to get essential commodities, and if they do get these commodities, would be at exorbitant prices.

To adapt from a time when almost everyone had every necessity they needed to a chaotic time filled with so many uncertainties is not going to be an easy a task.

This kind of time however, calls for humanity to rise and stand in the gap for one another especially towards lending a helping hand to people who would be most affected by this lockdown.
Who are the people likely to be most affected by this lockdown and what can we do to help them?

  • Widows
  • The age
  • The convalescents
  • Single mothers
  • Low income earners

As we know it, the aforementioned group of people are usually in need of assistance even in normal times, therefore the effect this lockdown is likely to have on them is beyond imagination.

Some single mothers and low income earners falls into a specific category; people whose daily bread depends on their daily hustle. This category of people may have to go without food if they fail to go out on any given day.
Possible effects of the lockdown: When people have little or nothing to eat for long, there’s the tendency they’d stop reasoning like they normally would have if they’re fed. Having said that, the possible effects of this lockdown are: hunger, depression, violence, suicidal thoughts etc.

What can we do:

  • If this lockdown persists, neighbours and random people could knock on your door and ask for aids. Please, if it’s within your means, extend a helping hand, but if you can’t, please turn them away with polite and kind words. Endeavour to not use words that could incite one into violence, depression or suicidal thoughts.
  • There are people in our midst who could have pressing need, especially of something to eat but they may not ask you; maybe because they’ve not spoken to you before or they don’t know how to approach you. Once you sense these people, please do not see it as pride. If it’s in your heart to help them, kindly lend a helping hand and it’d still be remembered long after this has boiled over.
  • Business owners should also remember their employees who earn very little and who have had to stop work as a result of this lockdown.
  • Since all of the world’s most powerful emotions, love, anger, hatred and fear is birthed in chaos, let’s join efforts (not hands) to ease one another’s pain. We are the world.

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