6 factors that Increases One’s Susceptibility to the Coronavirus

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6 factors that Increases One’s Susceptibility to the Coronavirus Disease

At a time when nations are enforcing a lockdown, government losing grips and people are groping in the dark, sickened with fear of the known , it has become pertinent that an informed information as an educational tool should be made available to the public.

In the spirit of the war against this pandemic, here are 6 factors that increases/affects one’s susceptibility to the Coronavirus disease:

1. Age

Taking China as the case study for obvious reasons, it was confirmed that 87% of the people with the disease were those between the ages of 30 – 79. ~Chinese CDC. This was despite the fact that younger adults (20-30), teens and kids are more social and open to meeting people, yet the rate at which people younger than 30 contracts the disease is significantly less alarming when compared with the rate at which people on the flip side of 30 contracts it. This to some extent has allayed the fears of medical experts that the Coronavirus pandemic would be wide spread among younger people.

2. Medical history

According to a study conducted in China where 1590 confirmed cases were tested, it was found that 399 patients with at least one additional disease like diabetes, cardiovascular infections, kidney disease and hepatitis B has a 79% chance of requiring intensive care, artificial respirator or both or even dying irrespective of treatment.
Further study of 44,672 patients by Chinese CDC shows however, that fatality and morbidity rate in cases who reported no other health condition was 0.9% while it was 10.5% for people with cardiovascular infection, 7.3% for diabetic patients, 6.3% for chronic respiratory diseases and 6.0% for people with hepatitis B.

3. Body mass index

(B.M.I) According to a study conducted by the UK National Health Service (NHS), obese people or people who are overweight (body mass of 40+) are more susceptible to the Coronavirus and other diseases. Being obese increases the chances of inflammation which can affect the immune system. This means that the immune system will have a two-front fight against both inflammation and the Coronavirus which is capable of wearing it down.
A study published by the UK’s Intensive National Audit Research Centre shows that of the 194 cases studied, 60% of the people who are in intensive care unit were obese, hence, according to Liverpool Echo, all obese/overweight workers at work were advised to home and self isolate.

4. Gender

The way gender distribution affects susceptibility to COVID-19 is still subject to debate. However, report shows that for every 100 women infected, there are 106 men. There’s a theory that this apparent imbalance is as a result of lifestyle and travel pattern as men makes more contacts than the female gender. While further research is still ongoing on the subject, the difference between fatalities for both sexes is still 1.7% for women and 2.8% for men. ~Chinese CDC.

5. Pregnancy

Chinese media reported that a pregnant mother gave birth to a child who tested positive. This was understandable as the mother could transmit to the foetus through their link of attachment; the placenta.
However, as for pregnant women, based on the few cases studied, COVID-19 effects seems not to be severe. This data is surprising due to the fact that pregnancy is known to lower the body’s immune system.
6. Blood type: Experts published the result of a study conducted in China which shows that people with blood type ‘A’ may have a higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus disease than their ‘O’ counterparts. A study which involved 2,173 patients blood samples shows that people with blood type ‘O’ might have more protection against the virus.

Conclusively, these findings does not lessen the precautions everyone is expected to take out there. Whichever category you belong to, do not panic, do not grow complacent, no one is immune yet. Stay safe.

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