2019 Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award, Fund – ₦3.3M

2018 Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award is Ongoing
2018 Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award is Ongoing

The Takeda Award focuses on young enterprisers or entrepreneurial individuals who challenge technological or social demands in the real world. The Takeda Foundation considers that the challenging activities of young individuals seeking to tackle real technological and social needs will result in the development of products and services that improve the wellbeing of people around the world, which is the vision of the Foundation. The Awardee will be chosen from among the list of candidates who make an application for the Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award. Applicants should submit an application paper describing the background of the particular issue, and his or her ideas for a solution to tackle that issue in 1000 words or less with figures (within 3 pages). Also , they are required to submit a supporting report (in 300 words or less) written by an individual who receives benefit from the solution. The Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award is going to be presented to the individuals who are pursuing the most innovative and promising projects having a high possibility of improving the wellbeing of people at the site. The Takeda Foundation will select the Best Entrepreneur and 5 Entrepreneurs. The person receiving the Best Entrepreneur Award will receive a diploma, plaque and monetary prize of 1,000,000 Japanese yen. Each person receiving the Entrepreneur Award will receive a diploma, plaque and a monetary prize of 200,000 Japanese yen. The Takeda Foundation awaits the nominations or self-applications of young individuals who challenge technological or social needs to enhance the well being of people throughout the world.

Contents of Application Form : should include the following items;

1) Applicant Information should be contained in the application form. 2) The application form contains Project Description which should include the following items (within 1000 English words in total). Figures or tables can be attached if they are within 3 pages. (a) Background (Technical or/and social needs, and social impact) (b) Solutions (Technical solutions and business model, competitiveness with other solutions, advantages (benefits/cost), etc.) (c) Attempt (How seriously are you involved in your project? What are the milestones for this venture? Do you anticipate any public funds? Perhaps you have organized any groups to develop your project?) 3) Supporting report: Please ask beneficiaries (a minumum of one) to describe within 300 words the kinds and level of benefit he or she expects to receive when your project is achieved. Please take into account that supporting reports are not a recommendation letter from your mentor. They are reports from people who will receive benefits from your project. If you produce goods or service, then consumers will be your beneficiaries.

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Selection process:

1. The selection involves document examination and an on-line individual presentation by the selected candidates. The online individual presentation will be held in October. 2. The selection results will be announced in early November his year. 3. The awarding ceremony and workshop will be held in February, 2020. Application Period : April 1 to June 28, 2019


1. Applicant: Anyone who is under 40 years old as of April 1, this year, regardless of gender, affiliation, and nationality.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, kindly visit this link below to apply Click here to apply for the Takeda Foundation Young Entrepreneurship Award 2019 Application Deadline: June 28th 2019 Click here to apply for the Takeda Foundation Young Entrepreneurship Award 2019

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