10 Things You Should Know How to Create in Your 20s

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The twenties are years of exploring. It’s one of the best times to lay the foundation of what you want to see happen in your life. Most young adults see this as the best time to catch fun, but then, it is just the best time to develop and build up.

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10 Things You Should Know How to Create in Your 20s

1. Develop Tranquility

The quietness of the soul is a personal task for everyone to find. Most persons have never had the opportunity to be quiet all their lives. Lots of innovations that have seen the light of the day were gotten in the zone of tranquillity. Your 20’s are the best years to create your quiet zone where you have the time for yourself and meditate deeply. Some persons are scared of being quiet, but shouldn’t be so. Thinking works at its best in this zone. Creates it now!

2. Build life skills

Building life skills is like having a lifeboat ahead of time. Life skills refer to the set of skills gained through learning or directly from life experiences that enables one to handle life’s day to day challenges. According to WHO, UNESCO, and UNICEF, there are ten core life skills. These

  1. problem-solving
  2. critical thinking
  3. effective communication skills
  4. decision-making
  5. creative thinking
  6. interpersonal relationship skills
  7. self- awareness building skills
  8. Focus and self-control
  9. empathy
  10. coping with stress and emotions.
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3. Build Your Business

Guess what? That dream you have always had of being a Billionaire owning one of the biggest business empires will only be a reality when you create one. The “Cinderella stories” and “tales by moonlight” won’t help you. You’ve got to be real. If you are thinking of making it big in business, the best time to start is now. I mean now, you are in your twenties. Having no capital is no excuse as you can work it out with the little you have. Even if it means starting from your room.

4. Own Your Assets

If you think you need to get to your mid 30’s before you start to purchase assets, then you might want to think again. I mean, you need to start now to create the wealth system you desire. It’s advisable to consider owning assets that appreciate over time.

5. Develop the Asking Attitude

There is an Igbo adage that says that “he who ask questions will never miss his way”. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions when you are in doubt. You should always ask questions. This skill can be developed in your 20’s.

6. Build Your Space

Your space is your right-thinking zone. You should develop your thinking pattern and mindset in your twenties. A popular quote has it that “it doesn’t matter what happens to you. What matters is how you react to it”. Your mindset determines your reactions to situations. Build the right mind intentionally.

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7. Create your Bank Account

Creating your bank account in your early 20’s builds a kind of confidence and freedom in you. It also creates a sense of responsibility in you for your financial excellence. You begin to think of how to get it loaded with money.

8. Create Your World

Your world is that imagination you have always had in you. That greatness you have always seen – that’s your world. But you need to call it forth. You need to make it a reality
to begin to take those little steps that matter. You’ve got to be intentional about who you want to be. You don’t have the whole time on the planet to live. For Instance, if your dream has always been to be a Barrister, then, you have to go to college. If you don’t have the funds, you can consider working to get it or seeking a scholarship. You should have a target and deadline when these goals should be actualized.

9. Build Your Character

Character is a foundation for living. Character formation takes a while to be developed but once developed, takes time to dissolve. What you do or practice consistently over time develops into your character, whether good or bad. You must watch what you allow into your life. The best time to develop good values which in turn becomes your character is in your 20’s. If you already have a deformation in your character in your 20’s, maybe by the reason of your exposure – from a family where there is no love or depression is the order of the day – then this is the best time to get that baggage off your life. It’s never too late to start. Make a decision today to take one step at a time. You may need to change your environment to get this done. You may need to change your friends or the kind of content you consume. You should get a Mentor who inspires and motivates you to be a better person. Whatever be the case, you can break free from every wrong character and build the right set of attitudes. Just take responsibility for your life.

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10. Build Your Relationship

Developing the right relationship is of utmost importance. Your 20’s is a good time to connect with people, build trust, and learn to reach out to the right people. This would help you in the years to come.


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