10 Manners of expressing Kindness in Hard Times

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Kindness isn’t just about being nice to someone, it’s about leaving a positive piece of your heart in people you come across.

10 Manners of expressing Kindness in Hard Times

We live in a time when the world is getting warmer than it used to be; a time of global warming. However, on the city side, the hearts of people are getting colder and certain forms of attitude have become a staple. Sometimes we get carried away trying to look out for ourselves, sometimes life takes a lot from us but hey, everyone wants to be happy.

One of the factors of true happiness is being warm hearted. The heart could be regarded as the axis of your being or a blood pumping organ but it’s literally a tank of your feelings and emotions and it was made for love. Love, happiness and kindness are cousins. You can’t truly express one without having the others come along. You may be hurt inside or passing through tough times or dealing with rough people but there is a veil between you and the world in which positive and negative things permeate.

Like I said earlier, the heart was made for love and love is positive. You’re positive by default. You’ve got to radiate the love to the outside. All the pains and the negative stuff is not you. It’s from the outside. Letting them seep into you makes you unhappy. You cannot be hard and be you at the same time.

Still on the topic, the following are different ways to express kindness in your world coupled with some instances:

1. Be polite

Being polite is being nice. Talking or responding to people that you come across in a good manner. Politeness is an attitude on its own and its your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude. For instance, you will always hear these two words “please” and “sorry” when a person politely requests something from you or when they feel they have offended you.

2. Let the Smile

When the heart is warmed up, it reflects on the face as a smile. Sometimes a smile can be “blocked” and wouldn’t come out. This happens when the person smiling is not comfortable. A genuine smile reflects in the eyes as well as the lips. When you’re talking to someone, you make eye contact with them don’t you? A kind smile shows off in the eye and its a good signature with people that you deal with. 🙂

3. Give

Love is pretty overrated. Love pieces you up, gets you together, makes you happy and makes you cool with others. A good form of broadcasting positivity into your world is by giving, both tangibly and otherwise. For instance, making time for someone, asking someone if he or she would like some of your old stuff that you’re not using, not disposing the excess stuff when you know someone else that would need it, giving help to someone in need, and so on.

4. Regard others.

Regarding others is having respect for others. You’ve got to know that in one way or the other you do respect yourself and consequently you would have same for others. In fact, as long as you respect yourself you naturally would respect others and that respect comes back to you. For instance, positively acknowledging the elderly, showing regard for the younger ones – that’s kindness.

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5. Empathy

Empathy is basically understanding how people feel or their emotional state. You shouldn’t only look at what people say, you’ve got to figure out how they’re feeling saying that. This helps you respond positively and kindly. For instance, a sadist is rather happy when others are sad. A sadist doesn’t show empathy. When someone tells you that they lost someone they love, that person telling you must feel sad. You two should feel sad for the person too and sympathize. A lady showing empathy would place her palm on her chest in shock.

Furthermore, when a friend tells you that he’s got a job, you feel happy for the person. That’s empathy. Again when you offend someone you should be able to tell that the person is angry or hurt and when a person talks to you like he is angry or hurt, you should be able to tell that you must have offended the person.

6. Be Gentle.

Being gentle is being easy and being considerate. You’ve got to look at what is really up with the people you come across and care about it. Could be in your workplace or any society you find yourself. A time spent talking to someone is a moment. By showing kindness you unconsciously paint this moments.

7. Know that People need it.

In a dark place, people go to where there is light and the others put up lights. Kindness is a kind of light. You can light up someone’s day by your manners. People may act all hard and tough but deep down they will all appreciate kindness. So keep doing what you do and know that you’re not trying to be someone else, you are actually doing you.

8. Friendliness

Its not a bad idea to know the names of everyone around you. You could know a little about people you come across but you shouldn’t try to impress others though. In the event of being friendly, you would get their impression like you should. Everyone wouldn’t have to be your friend anyway.

9. Be graceful.

When walking or talking, stay chill and keep a balance. When in doubt just breathe in and breathe out and you act better with people.

10. Don’t try too hard to please people, though.

Normally most people appreciate kindness but when they don’t you may find yourself trying too hard. Well you may not even have to be because they will be on their own and you will be experiencing a kind of happiness that makes you a lot numb to negative feelings.

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