10 Hottest Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

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Would seem that with so much unemployment out there that the internet can at least offer some amount of hope for unemployed people or people with business savvy.

Gone are the days when the debate was about selling online or not selling online, the question has shifted to what can I sell online.

In broader terms, the question is what are people looking for online.

If you’re in Nigeria and aspiring to build an online store for customers in Nigeria you know the question is even more confusing.

That’s because the eCommerce marketplace or online shopping solutions are just opening up, and the mention of Jumia, Konga and Bargain Master Nigeria could make you throw away your plan and go look for something else than selling online,

You should not bulk and run away.

The truth is that you may have some advantage. Let’s see.

The advantage is that you may focus on just one product that a lot of customers are willing to buy.
You then offer exceptional support and knowledge base that help them understand the product better.

After that you can focus on reaching more customers that are similar to those that are already buying and repeat the process.

But before anything you still need to know with clear and predictable information that people are actually looking for the product you intend selling online in Nigeria.

And there lies the problem, finding clear and predictable information on what people are buying. So let’s go,

Alright here is the Products you can start selling right away and you won’t go wrong.

1. Smart Phones (Brands – Samsung Phones, iPhones, HTC phones, Wiko Phones , LG Phones, Huwaei Phones, Tecno Phones ,Infinix Phones )

Nigerians never seem to tire when it comes to buying mobile phones. Selling phones online is another way to smile to the banks.

2. Laptops (Brands – HP, DELL, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Apple)

The century turn around today has brought about a high surge in the demand and ownership of laptops and other electronic gadgets, the operations of the world today has shifted to a more electronic based operations so if you want to consider selling something online today laptops would not be a bad idea.

3. Baby items (Diapers, wipes, cereal , children clothes , children shoes, toys.)

Did you know that the market for baby products in Africa is worth billions of dollars? Currently, it’s one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria.

With the highest birth rate on civilized earth, Nigeria now has the fastest growing population in the Africa, the high fertility rate in nigeria which is the average number of children born to one woman over the course of her life, this has increased increase the demand for baby products such as: baby food, baby diapers, baby clothings, baby body care, baby toys and so many other things that the baby could use and being showcased online is of a very high profit to the owner.

4. Television

Statistics according to geopoll media management has shown that over 80% of Nigerians watch tv daily and we all know they are not looking at some wall paper or cardboard sheet they are using televisions not their internet dependent smartphones so if more than 80% of Nigerians watch tv then imagine the demand of this television especially when you have it online, amazingly great right!!!

5. Refrigirator.
The global household refrigerators and freezers market size is rising everyday. Rising disposable income, availability of smart and energy efficient refrigerator units, and widening base of nuclear families are leading to upsurge in demand for frigerators and freezers for household applications. Having this closer to customers online results to a boom.

6. Rechargable Fan

The climate of nigeria coupled with the slow infrastructural development and low power supply, an average Nigerian man has no other choice than to get a fan something to cool off the heat and not just any fan a rechargeable one the online properties with cheaper prices and door to door delivery is an added advantage to take this product online.

7. Shoes (Women shoes, Male shoes)

Whether you focus on a single niche like men, women, kids, sandals, etc or you combine all of them,there is always a ready market for good shoes on your online space.

8. Wrist watch (Price range 5,000 – 55,000).

Oh yes just because they are wrist watches.
9. Power Bank For recharging phone battries.

The electricity situation in Nigeria is relatively bad. As a result, many Nigerians need power backup, and this is provided by power banks. You can make a lot of money by selling this product. It is undoubtedly among the fast selling products in Nigeria today.

10. Designer Perfume ( Tom Ford , Hugo Boss, Chanel, Dior, Creed , CK, YSL, Versace , Davidoff).

Men, women, students, and the lots use this particular product so use social media and online marketplaces to your best advantage.

You need to be aware of certain things before venturing into any form of business .Learning more about business will help you prevent business crises. If you desire to start an online business for example in Nigeria you need a good knowledge of the items that sell the most in Nigeria.

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